We are back!

We are back!

​Kickboxing starts at 7pm tonight. We’re spending some time sanitising the dojo again today to get it sparkling and safe for everyone’s return.

Same common-sense rules apply to everyone that attends, please do not attend classes if you have any symptoms, or have been told to self-isolate. Please sanitise your hands on the way into training and before you leave. Please do not walk on the training mat’s with shoes on. Only students are allowed into the Academy. Unfortunately no mingling before or after class. Please wait in your cars until the class before yours has left the dojo.

Payments were all paused during lockdown and will resume for this month so payment will come out again around when it was usually due for December so please make sure you have sufficient funds to avoid going over drawn etc. If you pay cash for the month or have cancelled your payments please either sign up again through the website or pay for the month at the start of the lesson tonight.

We have super cool zip up Silver Dragons Hoodies in stock. If you want one please let me know. Cant wait to see you all and get you all back in action. 👍🏻 👊🏻💥💫

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