Meet our New Black Belts!

We would like to Congratulate our top Karate students Hannah and Emily who both passed their Black Belt gradings this week (October 2019). They have been working and training very hard the last few months for their Black Belts Gradings.

Starting off with a grueling practical grading test where they had to pass a warm up and stretching fitness section, with many tough exercises including 3 minutes of leg paddling without putting their feet down! They then had to perform all their techniques and Katas to a very high black belt standard, finishing with tough bag work rounds and holding a low horse riding stance for a full 5 minutes! In the following weeks they each had to teach a full lesson on their own.

After a very tough few months we are so proud to say they have both Passed! and we would like to welcome them into the Black belt club 🙂

A massive well done to Emily who has been a very dedicated student over the years, she has really grown in confidence performing in our club demos and also taking part in competitions where her Sparring/fighting skills really shine. She shows so much strength and confidence and impresses us every week, we’re really looking forward to seeing what this talented young lady can achieve.

Congratulations to Hannah on her black belt, this young lady started as a very shy little girl who wouldn’t join in the classes for the first few weeks. She managed to overcome her fears and has grown so much in confidence that she has performed in our demos in front of hundreds of people and can now step out in front of the class and teach what she has learnt. It’s an amazing achievement and we believe she will have a great future and will become a great teacher too. Well done Hannah!

A massive well done to our new black belts, remember your training begins from here, you can achieve anything you put your heart and mind to.

Congratulations guys 🙂

From everybody at Silver Dragons

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